The Look and Feel of Crowena

The look and feel of Crowena

Rather than having Crowena be a mix of different districts without order or plan, the original Champion looked to a master architect amongst them, who’s name later became the nations. He styled his city after a simple grid, dividing the city into a number of districts, which was in turn surrounded by a wall with guard towers turrets that overlooked the plains and mountains. The architect had made his city so, that if needed, it would be easy to expand the city beyond his original intent, and made the interior malleable, built on top of a series of wells so that waste would be let away to the lower part of the surrounding areas. It is messy, but it works. People have complained about this system though with the plague that recently brought much of the city to its knees.

When seen from above, Crowena is a neat square divided into a grid-pattern with four gates, towers in each corner of the square, large roads spreading out from each gate and further into the small territory of the nation, the city being the beating heart of the nation of Crowena.

Gates and walls
The gates and walls are massive stone constructions, mined from the local mountains. Thick and durable, these walls have stood for many years, but seem to be sagging in some places. The southern walls are also supported by small hills, protecting them further. The gates themselves are made of oak, and are structured like sliding doors, meeting at the middle.


“Lowtown” – this is a combination of both the Foreigner’s Quarter, and the Slums. It borders the Red Light District. This district is located in the southern part of the city, near the walled hills. A great deal of housing is located here, and the people are packed in tightly. The roads here are not cobblestone like the rest of the city, rather being dirt or mud, depending on the season.

“Midtown” – Easily the largest and most diverse district, this is the home to most of Crowenas urban citizenry. From single houses to large apartment houses, some taverns and whatever the working man or woman would require is found here. Depending on their skill or wealth, this is were immigrants are usually found as well, though many more are also found in Lowtown, with a spare few making it to Uptown.- “Arms of the Patriots Hall” – The meeting place of the Arms of the Patriots, a nationalistic voluntary organization. Is somewhat secret (to the extent that say, the Masons keep their stuff secret) in terms of their internal doings, but are a public organization with an open membership. -

“Uptown” – The wealthiest district is home to the richest and most prominent citizens of the city, and houses mostly the large mansions of rich guild masters and other such housing. Not much can be said about the rich and the prominent other than they are rich and prominent, and like to show it off by making their places as extravagant and posh as possible. It can get a bit much really. Most nobles, when not working, are somewhere else.

“Public District” – Actually split in three subsections, the Public District is the centre of the city, and is always bustling with activity. The largest subsection is home to the administrative branch of Crowenas government, most courts, main records hall and a huge building dedicated the large offices that keep the wheels turning in Crowena. Secondly, the Public District also houses the Keep, the largest building belonging to the City Guard. This is an austere building home to both the barracks and the offices of the Inspector General, and her small task force of crimebusters. Finally there is the park district, a sad plot of land in the city, derelict after the plague and neglect. Quite a large open expanse that is largely barren and wasted land. People used to come here, but now it is home to nothing but thin trees, and is locked in perpetual autumn.

- where many bureaucratic administrative buildings are located, including the main records hall. The very centre of the city, it is also home to a small park, having seen little use during the plague and those has fallen derelict and looks like a continual autumn. Lower courts are also found here, where most people come to plead their cases to the lawmen here. Also the home of the large Guard station, almost a district onto itself, housing “Inspector General Office” – The office of the nation’s top Investigator. -“Office of Citizen Records” – This Office has multiple locations, due to the nature of their mission. The main location is the Master Hall of Records, located in the Public District. A large stone building with heavy security and a lot of documents. Two more locations exist; one in Lowtown, and one in Uptown, and meld into the district perfectly.

(Misc. bureaucratic offices, all in the government section of the public district)
“Office of Domestic Affairs” – A euphemistic name for the central office of the Domestic Intelligence Agency, a division of Clandestine Services. It occupies an entire floor of another unrelated government building.
- “Office of Licensing”- Office that processes license requests, stores documentation for valid licenses, and processes fines and corrective action to enforce license law. Many MANY aspects of doing business in Crowena require an up to date license.
- “Office of Financial Distribution” – Central accounting office where treasury and taxation funds are distributed to the many public institutions and offices on the government dole. Paper pushers and bean counters.
- “Office of Zoning” – Office that maintains precise records on what is built where in the city. Coordinates zoning disputes via justice system. Can give final approval for new construction.
- “Office of Resource Management” – Office that maintains documents for resource rights for natural resources (marble, water, gold, trees, etc.), and can give final approval for a company or organization to begin mining, logging, drilling, etc.
- “Office of Internal Organization” – Office that maintains records of government employees, organization hierarchies, contact information, and facilitates communication between the different division.

“Financial District” – Where the city’s big firms (construction, property management, large or prestigious Guilds, logistics, security, etc.) and banks are located. Obviously upper-class, although due to the cut-throat property market, there is little housing.- A truely notable exception to this is the

“Entertainment District” – The great equalizer in terms of classes. Here the young guildling and the wealthy noble rub shoulder as the masses of people come to see the plays, the satires, to hear the music, to drink mead, feast, dance and generally be merry. Always alive and always busy, this district is the one of two places were a non-citizen of Crowena may go without a pass, since many of the entertainers are not citizens themselves. You can find any entertainment in this place so step right up sir! How about you sir?! [hahaha, one of two places where non-citzens can go without a pass? Yeah, expect this to change ;) Btw, which is the second place they can go without a pass? – Mike]

“Red Light District” – The more…esoteric sibling of the flashy entertainment district, this is perhaps the greater equalizer of the two. Housing services for any customer who needs more than what the entertainment district can provide. Essentially divided into three categories of prices, the buildings here serve as a basic guideline for the price of entry, the less one can see of the staff, the more expensive the night. This place is also open for foreign folk.

One a side note, the Entertainment and Red Light Districts border the poor district and also borders the western gate of the city.

“Temple District” – The temple district is home to several small faiths and a single large one, the Worship of Kyrathan, its large temple being very impressive indeed. That is not to say that this is the only temple in the district, since many minor gods are worshipped, Goodwyn, for instance has a gleaming cathedral placed so that it catches a lot of the suns light, making the building have a glow around it. The district is also central in the city, and large roads lead to and from it so that people won’t get lost. It lies directly next to the Arcanist District.

“Arcanist District” – Home to a single guild, the Mage academy, this place is dedicated to the housing of the towers population, and the stores that have sprung up that peddle arcane wares. “The Necropolis” A part of the mages duty to the nation of Crowena, is a work of record keeping of the dead, and maintaining of the graveyard of the city. At the front of the graveyard is a large building, almost the size of a guildhall, that is purely dedicated to keeping records of the families of the city. Due to the plague, there is a massive backlog of paperwork that needs to be done, and there is simply not enough staff to do it.

“Government distict” – The Government district is located in the northern area of the city, and houses the very seat of Crowena, the large castle that houses both the final court of the nation; the champions themselves. One can also find the personal chambers of the champions, the barracks of the city guard and the Home Army, the more obvious branch of Crowenas military. It is protected by a wall, a gate and armed guards, and without a pass or high enough rank, this is a closed district for most people. “Office of Domestic Affairs” – A euphemistic name for the central office of the Domestic Intelligence Agency, a division of Clandestine Services. It occupies an entire floor of another unrelated government building.

Other notable locations:

“Rumuran Prison Complex” – Located outside of the city, almost entirely underground, into the Southern Hills (but shy of the mountains). Only a few miles outside of the city walls, there is no direct route from the Prison into the City (you must venture outside, and enter the city via one of the gates). Also the location of a gigantic work camp and rock quarry (the two parts not underground).

“Sandrose Caravanserai” – A very large stone structure to the west of Crowena, it is designed to facilitate foreign traders, and also house guests of the nation, travelers, etc. At its most basic, the Caravanserai is a very large hotel with enough room to house a caravan train or four. However, it also serves as a way for local merchants to purchase foreign goods from the traders, who would then be able to sell these goods within the city. The Caravanserai can also be used as a secondary location for processing immigrants, if the need arises.

The Look and Feel of Crowena

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